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PICK-UP OPTION DISCONTINUED: Due to logistical and safety issues, there will no longer be an option for picking up cakes. Delivery arrangements must be made for cake orders. The local delivery fee is $8.00

NOTE:Due to strict trademark laws, Kimmi's Confection Expressions has elected not to create major character-themed (i.e., 'Marvel', 'Disney', 'Sesame Street', etc.) cakes at this time. We have also elected not to create erotic-themed cakes under any circumstances.

Location: Durham, NC 27713
(private kitchen)
Phone: (919) 308-2488
Hours: Consultations and Cake deliveries are made by appointment only. Consultations can be done by phone, in-person (Wedding Clients only), or email, depending upon the need.

Note: As Kimmi's Confection Expressions is a sole proprietorship, delivery arrangements are made on an individual, flexible basis and weekday availability may vary.
If you're interested in learning more about our services, and/or scheduling a consultation for a cake order, please fill out the form below to be added to our customer list. Please provide as much details about your event needs as possible, including:

       * Date/Time of your event (when cake is needed)
       * Location of your event (Physical address, for 
                                                          delivery services)
       * Number of guests to be served
          (this will impact pricing)
       * Occasion of event (wedding, birthday, 
            conference, etc.)
       * Theme/decor idea, if any (this will also impact 

. We will contact you promptly. While completing the 'Comments' section, please let us know how your heard about us!

Full (100%) payment is now required for ALL (non-wedding) CAKE ORDERS, DUE AT THE TIME OF PLACING/CONFIRMING YOUR ORDER, to reserve the date for your event. We highly recommend arranging a complimentary consultation with us to obtain a directly specified estimate for your particular event. 

Specialty cake orders should be made no fewer than 10 days prior to your event; wedding orders should be made and finalized no fewer than 2-3 months prior to your event.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate 'same-day' or 'next-day' orders. Thank you.
Methods of Payment:
                      Local Personal Check/Money Order
                      PayPal Invoicing (credit card payments)

 Thank you so much for choosing Kimmi's Confection Expressions!
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