Kimmi's Confection Expressions -
We LOVE Babies! And have the perfect cakes to welcome them!!
Custom Specialty Cakes
(prices are PER Serving: each individual guest equals ONE serving)
Cakes are sized and priced to the number of guests at your event.
Custom Specialty Tiered Cakes
* Buttercream Icing Décor only ~ 10-15 serving size       $25
                                                 20-25 serving size       $50
                                                           30-50 serving size       $80
                                                           60-100 serving size     $125
* Buttercream plus Fondant Covering/Décor
                                                           10-15 serving size       $40
                                                 20-25 serving size       $70
                                                           30-50 serving size       $100
Custom Specialty Sheet Cakes
  * 20-person cake (aka. 1/4-sheet)         $50 
  * 40-50-person cake (aka. 1/2-sheet)    $80   
  * 100-person cake (aka full-sheet)       $120
Full (100%) payment is now required for ALL (non-wedding) CAKE ORDERS, DUE AT THE TIME OF PLACING/CONFIRMING YOUR ORDER, to reserve the date for your event. We highly recommend arranging a complimentary consultation with us to obtain a directly specified estimate for your particular event. Ideally, specialty cake orders should be made no fewer than 10 days prior to your event!
**North Carolina Food Tax of 2% will be added to the total order price.
 (for details on delivery price and flavor menu, see 'Product & Pricing' page)
'Safari'-themed Baby Shower Cake'Safari'-themed Baby Shower Cake'Safari'-themed Baby Shower Cake-Buttercream'Safari'-themed Baby Shower CakeSafari Baby (Boy) Shower Cake (Zebra & Giraffe)
Safari Baby (Boy) Shower Cake (Zebra & Giraffe), side viewOnesie & Baby Things Shower CakeOnesie & Baby Things Cake (side view)'Boy Bear' Baby Shower Cake'Blue Baby Bear' Baby Shower Cake
'Blue Baby Bear' Baby Shower Cake"Boy" Shower Cake (front)Baby Bump (in pink)Baby Bump (in pink)Pink Pillow Princess Shower Cake
Pink Pillow Princess Shower CakeUnconventional Baby Colors (Boy)Unconventional Baby Colors (Boy)
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