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Wedding Cakes (pricing pertains to both bridal and groom's cakes)
 (for details on delivery price and flavor menu, see 'Product & Pricing' page. Pricelists and flavor menus can also be emailed to you upon request.)
* Buttercream Icing only [minimum 3 Tiers] ~$3.25 per serving, plus tax & delivery
* Buttercream Icing plus Handmade edible flowers [minimum 3 Tiers] ~$3.75 per serving, plus tax & delivery
* Fondant Covering/Handmade edible flowers [minimum 3 Tiers] ~
  $4 per serving, plus tax & delivery

Custom Cupcakes [Buttercream Icing Décor]
* Standard Size Cupcakes
    Buttercream ONLY~ $25 per dozen   
    With Fondant Decor and/or Fondant Flowers ~ $30 per dozen

**Cake Delivery & Set-up Fee:
                  FOR ROUND TRIP DISTANCES UP TO 30 MILES ~ 
                  FOR ROUND TRIP DISTANCES OF 35 MILES OR MORE ~ $100
We offer a complimentary 1-hour consultation (non-tasting) session, where we will discuss the nature of your event, your needs regarding the cake, preliminary design ideas and pricing estimate. As each of our cakes are customized and made to the individual specifications of our clients, the number of servings and design complexity of the cake are typically the determining factors for pricing. The size of the cake can be modified to accommodate the number of servings each client requires. Additional materials required for use in cake customization may incur additional cost to the standard fee.

A separate flavor tasting appointment is also available upon request, for a fee of $50.
We strongly suggest that potential wedding clients request to have a copy of our wedding cake prices emailed to them in advance of the initial consultation.
A 70% non-refundable deposit is now REQUIRED for ALL WEDDING CAKE ORDERS, placed at the time of your order, to reserve the date for your event. The remaining 30% is payable at 30 days prior to your event.
**North Carolina Food Tax of 2% will be added to the total order price.
Bride-to-Bee Shower Cake (front)Red & White Floral Wedding CakeRed & White Floral Wedding CakeRustic Chic (Succulent floral) Wedding Cake (top)Rustic Chic (Succulent floral) Wedding Cake (at venue)
Ceremonial Fondant-covered Cake, featuring Roses and Calla LilliesCeremonial Fondant Cake, featuring Roses and Calla LilliesPastel Floral Wedding CakePastel Floral Wedding CakeIndian-themed Floral Wedding Cake
Indian-themed Floral Wedding CakeIndian-themed Floral Wedding CakeHydrangea Wedding CakeHydrangea Wedding Cake- Anniversary TierHydrangea Wedding Cake- Anniversary Tier
Nuptial Cupcakes with Fondant Heart Monogram Medallions Royal Wedding Small Ceremonial CakeComplimentary Anniversary Tier (from Red & White Floral)Peacock-themed Wedding CakePeacock-themed Wedding Cake
Monogram Wedding Cake (top)Sugar Pearl Cupcakes
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